Sat 4 April - 2:00pmWed 8 April - 7:00pmThu 9 April - 7:30pm

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The performances are now FREE, open to all (ages 13+) AND NOW APPEARING ONLINE.

> Saturday 4th April 2PM - click here
>> Wednesday 8th April 7PM - click here 
>>> Thursday 9th April 7.30PM - click here

PASSWORD = 001984

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Ages 13+

April, 1984. 2020.

Stay in your homes_

This performance was originally planned to be shown at Little Sutton Library, Ellesmere Port Library and Hope Farm Library is now re-scheduled adapted and being broadcast globally. Please join us for all THREE sessions if you can. Otherwise, drop-in at the above times ^^^

How to join_
How to join...
How to join>>?

We will be using the video conferencing platform, Zoom, to facilitate these public service broadcasts performances. The platform is free to use, you just need to sign-up and once logged in use the performance website address and password (the password for all 3 sessions is 001984).

If you do not already have a Zoom account - please sign-up first in good time ahead of the performances and join the relevant Zoom room before the performance start time.

Your host and Director (Kevin Dyer) will be online for 20 minutes before each session - if you want to make a cuppa and call in to chat you are very welcome. It will also be a chance for anyone new to Zoom to check in and see how it works - to making sure we are all ready for the performance start time.

The performances will now be online and sequential - however, there will be a summing-up at the beginning of each broadcast so you can still enjoy a flick through the pages of the book with Director (Kevin Dyer) and Actor (Harvey Robinson) if you miss a performance.

The novel starts on 4th April. So do we...

> Saturday 4th April 2PM - click here | Password = 001984

The first performance will be about the world of Big Brother – that is the word that Winston finds himself in the beginning of the play.

>> Wednesday 8th April 7PM - click here | Password = 001984

The second performance is about the middle section of the novel – and how the world of this man is turned upside down by a small rectangle of paper.

>>> Thursday 9th April 7.30PM - click here | Password = 001984

The third performance will be about the end of the novel and what happens to Winston...

nb - these performances will be recorded. Big Brother is watching. If you wish to remain unseen, turn off or hide from your camera.


Please read our Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update and what this means for these performances.


1984 // Nineteen Eighty-Four

Action Transport Theatre in partnership with Cheshire West & Chester Council Libraries present extracts of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.  

How to survive in a world of fake news & mass surveillance... 

90 minutes of performance with Winston Smith for a flick through George Orwell’s last novel - the book that gave us Big Brother, Doublethink, Thoughtcrime & Room 101. 

The events aim to engage and inspire local audiences as part of the BBC Novels that Shaped our World – where a panel of leading writers, curators and critics were asked to choose 100 genre-busting novels that have had an impact on our lives. 

Directed by Kevin Dyer and Performed by Harvey Robinson at Little Sutton Library, Ellesmere Port Library and Hope Farm Library during April 2020. This show is for curious people interested in one of the greatest British writers and aims to bring to life extracts of this rule breaking novel.  

Why at the Libraries?

Action Transport Theatre is a leading, specialist young people's theatre company based in Ellesmere Port, funded by Arts Council England and Cheshire West and Chester Council.   

During 2020/21 Action Transport Theatre are carrying out an ambitious project which will see the transformation of locally listed Whitby Hall into a world class centre, specialising in high quality arts and culture for children, young people and their families. 

Whilst the transformation is underway the company are working with local organisations in Ellesmere Port to support a broad programme of activities across the town, providing opportunities for cultural engagement to all. 

Prices & Tickets

The performance is FREE, open to all (ages 13+) and at Little Sutton Library, Ellesmere Port Library and Hope Farm Library during April 2020 - you can book tickets here.

Tour dates:

Sat 4 April - 2:00pm ONLINE VIA ZOOM // Password: 001984
Wed 8 April - 7:00pm ONLINE VIA ZOOM // Password: 001984
Thu 9 April - 7:30pm ONLINE VIA ZOOM // Password: 001984