Nina Hajiyianni — Artistic Director

The Artsitic Director leads the programme of ATT including its professional, participatory and research work.

Karen Parry — General Manager

The General Manager oversees ATT’s financial and business administration and premises management.

Jessica Egan-Simon — Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the development and management of all ATT projects and is the key contact for participants, creatives and for venue bookers and schools.

Kevin Dyer — Associate Writer

The Associate Writer initiates and delivers new writing projects, including Young Writers programmes.

Adam Kirkup — Communications Manager  

The Communications Manager deals with all aspects of marketing, press and publicity for all ATT events, and works to develop new audiences for all strands of the ATT programme.

Matt Bennett — Technical Venue Manager

The Technical Venue Manager is responsible for all elements of the technical operation of Whitby Hall, ATT's studio performance space.

Mike Beigel  Associate Practitioner

The Associate Practitioner, leads outreach into our community, giving young people the opportuntity to access and create art as part of #animatetheport. This project and post is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Laura Orchard Development Manager

The Development Manager is responsible for improving ATT's sustainability by innovating and delivering new campaigns, systems and fundraising initiatives, made possible through Arts Council England Catalyst: Evolve funding.

Steph Green — Drama Practitioner

The Drama Practitioner devises and leads our free drama sessions, Drama Drop-In and Drama Droplets.