Show us what you've got

#animatetheport is your chance to show us what you've got. It's about fresh ideas and new ways of getting creative all across Ellesmere Port.

Use us to get your ideas out there. Music, theatre, film, animation, podcasting... You tell us.

If you're 12-25 #animatetheport is your opportunity to work with creative professionals to turn your ideas into reality.

Young Creatives

Young Creatives is the perfect place for anyone aged 18-25 looking to work with professional theatre-makers to get the best start in a creative career. There are loads of opportunities to learn new skills, network with like-minded people, see brilliant theatre and create your own. All the info here.

Creative Commissions

Creative Commissions are funding and training opportunities, open to anyone with a big idea. More info will be available when the next Creative Commission opens.


theatre/makerspace is open to anyone 12+ who wants to experiment with the technology behind the scenes and create innovative ways of telling stories. More info here.



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