The Fight for World Peace and Unity, alongside the Selfishness of Mankind

I watched the troops filing in, 
piling in,
one after the other,
the same as eight years ago,
the same as it always will be.

They were crying, 
Hopeless and terrified,
We were crying,
for them,
and for some selfish reason,

We need to stop crying about ourselves.
Our cries about them
need to be silenced for them,
to help them,
to save them.

Not everything needs to be,
can be,
about us,
who are thankfully safe,
have a capital that's not a War Zone, have reliability that tomorrow will exist as we know it tonight.

Enough about ourselves!
More about them!

Then maybe, if we turn our feelings and actions from ourselves to them,
There will be hope for Ukraine, hope for reliability for them,
Everything for them,
And better future than our own.

By Danielle Jones
Young Writer, Action Transport Theatre



I don’t like ignoring people
To make them feel like they don’t exist
But I still do.
What does that say about me?
Feeling a bit rubbish afterwards doesn’t help them
It feels like things get worse every year
We fall deeper into our phones until we forget who we are and become someone else
We take selfies in Auschwitz and watch shootings on our screens for fun
We harm our bodies and deprive ourselves of food because people we don’t know say it's okay
War draws closer, everyone is lost
Children are murdered by children 
Governments kill those who speak out
The elderly freeze
We divide ourselves into the “correct groups”
Police kill when they please
We hide in our houses, scared of the neighbours
We numb the pain and the loneliness with drink and drugs
We laugh at those who are different
We burn down homes for “The Cause”
We drown out the noise with more noise
“It doesn't happen if I can’t see it”
“Let's blow up a car with a family inside” 
“Let’s arrest some children for placing flowers” 
“Let’s bring back purity” 
“Kill kill kill kill kill kill”
Sit next to the boys on the bus, blasting their music
Don’t tell them to turn it off 
Ask them “What are you listening to?” 
Strike up a conversation with the lonely man on the train
Give up a bench for the elderly woman
Leave a tip at the cafe
Say thank you
Acknowledge the people who feel like they don’t exist
If the bombs go off, don’t stop being human.

By Nathan Smith
Young Writer, Action Transport Theatre

The Day After the Gunmen Came

Today some of us will sharpen our anger
and scream loud our rhetoric
and order more bullets
and stuff them in belts
and hang them round our shoulders and across our chests
and pick up knives and ugly sticks
and put them on the dressing table beside our bed
and lock our doors
and tell others to do the same
and some will give orders for planes to take off from foreign countries
and drop bombs
and drop bombs
and drop bombs
and drop bombs.
Today some of us will sit in stuffy rooms with funeral directors and talk about pine
and brass handles
and give measurements in feet and inches. Or buy cotton shrouds
and spill incense into the air
and imagine
in our broken heads
what it will be like
to put them in a hole
and pile over the dirt
or let the smoke take the last of them to the sky.
And for always
and always
and always
there be at the table
one missing.
Today some of us
on the far edges of the world
distant from the mixture of common household chemicals
and that primitive ignition device
hidden in a ditch or a place of no significance
and waiting like a seed
are digging the soil in our walled gardens
the sun on our backs
our hands gripping the spade
turning the soil
burying the weeds
flattening, raking, making the tilth
in preparation for next year’s salad crops
and bright spikes of carrots
and spears of asparagus,
thinking forward to how the coriander will grow.

By Kevin Dyer
Associate Writer, Action Transport Theatre

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