Sat 12 May - 2:00pm
Ages 8+

Curious Seed presents

Chalk About

'Some of the most brilliantly imaginative, humorous, touching theatre I have seen this year',
★★★★★ The Times 

Chalk About was created for young audiences aged 8+ and is a playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we see ourselves and others, featuring dance, chalk, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for…

Chalk About explores the nature of identity and asking some BIG questions. What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? Or how we talk? Is it the way we dance? Our pasts, our futures? And, most importantly, doesn’t everyone like pizza?

'In just 50 minutes, it leads its audience deep into the stuff of human identity, using movement and dialogue to discuss family and origins, nationality and gender, happiness, sadness and the way we express ourselves through the things we like, from pizza to disco music.' 
★★★★ The Scotsman

Performers: Christine Devaney, Hendrik Lebon / Niels Weijer
Production Designer: Karen Tennent 
Dramaturgical Advisor: Moos van den Broek 
Sound Composer: Martin Rascher
Lighting Designer/Production Management: Tom Zwitserlood
Touring Production Manager: Yvonne Buskie
Costume Designer: Alison Brown
Photography: Eoin Carey & Tuur Uyttenhove

Chalk About was commissioned by Imaginate, supported through the Scottish Government's Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund. Produced by Catalyst Dance Management and co-produced in association with Tanzhaus NRW [Dusseldorf] and The Work Room [Glasgow]. Supported by Fresh Tracks Europe and Artspace.