Fri 4 August - 7:00pmSat 5 August - 1:00pmSat 5 August - 6:00pm

ATT Young Actors and Thought Plane Theatre present

To go from all we know...

What happens when a community is broken up? Is the promise of a better life, better housing and social mobility worth the loss of friendships, the breaking up of families and destruction of what you know as home?

Action Transport Theatre Young Actors explore the slum clearances that happened in Liverpool in the mid 20th Century, where families where moved out of inadequate housing to suburbs around the city. But this new life was a loss for many of everything they knew and loved, destroying the strong and resilient community.

ATT Young Actors have been working with theatre company Thought Plane Theatre to create this piece.

Written by Sarah Weston
Directed by Sarah Weston and Steph Green